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Research name:
4.Application of Remote Sensing on Proper Management of Solid Waste
solid waste,remote sensing,illegal dumping, solid waste landfill,stabilization,spectral reflectance characteristics,surface temperature, vegetation
Research summary:
In this study, in order to promote proper solid waste management, remote sensing is aimed at as a new technology in solid waste research field.
At first, the method of detection of solid waste illegal dumping site using satellite remote sensing, which can monitor wide area of the ground periodically, is studied with the developing indices for grasping the change of spectral reflectance characteristics caused by solid waste dumping on satellite images.
Secondary, the application of satellite remote sensing as a tool of solid waste landifll monitoring is studied with analyzing the relation between surface information gained by remote sensing and real state of surface of landfill and stabilization degree of landfilled solid waste.
Application of Remote Sensing on Proper Management of Solid Waste

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